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Melissa Homer: Chief Cleaning Officer

Melissa Homer: Chief Cleaning Officer

Hello… I’m Melissa, your new favorite cleaning expert and secret weapon against all your toughest cleaning and cleaning business challenges! 

It’s a bold statement for sure, but according to the data, I only have 15 seconds to make my case before most of you stop reading, so I don't have time to mince words.

I know I have the real-world advice you need, and I don’t want you to miss it because I was too wordy or modest, so I’m going to cut to the chase and explain exactly why you should listen to me, what sorts of cleaning problems I can fix for you, and how to make sure you don’t miss any of the solutions you need.

Why Should You Listen to Me?

Simply stated, I'm a professional cleaning expert with over 20 years experience in the residential and commercial cleaning industry. I've worked with some of the largest cleaning companies and manufacturers in the professional cleaning market. And I’m quoted regularly in national publications such as Real Simple, Better Homes & Gardens, This Old House, Martha Stewart Living, the Washington Post and more, all of whom seek me out for my cleaning expertise.

I've made my career and my life’s mission to elevate the perception of professional cleaning, helping as many people as I can to not only clean better, but also to find a new level of respect and appreciation for the technical knowledge, tradesperson craftsmanship, artistry and compassion necessary to be a professional cleaner.

For those that want more details (everyone else feel free to jump to the next section), I graduated with honors from Tufts University and started my career working in the Procter & Gamble - Commercial Chemical Division, acting as an accountant manager and cleaning technical support for some of P&G's largest commercial clients. After a number of years, I was recruited by one of my clients, MaidPro, one of North America's largest cleaning franchises, to provide cleaning and business consulting support exclusively to their franchisees.

For over 18 years, I was instrumental in building the franchise from 50 to over 300 locations, writing all of their business operations and cleaning procedure training as well as providing cleaning technical support to all of their franchise owners. I was also in charge of all their cleaning product testing, selection and vendor sourcing, regularly attending industry conferences and testing thousands of cleaning products from around the globe.

During my time there, I authored the first online learning management system (LMS) for the residential cleaning industry, which featured over 20 courses in two languages covering all the details of what it takes to be an expert professional cleaner. I wrote the first course training residential cleaners to clean safely during the Coronavirus Pandemic, which was released publicly and went viral, educating tens of thousands of cleaners across the country. And I also continued to regularly lend my expertise to a wide variety of print and online publications, from Family Handyman to Spruce Magazine, for whom I also acted as an official member of their Cleaning Review Board.

During that time, I researched and found my absolute favorite microfiber purveyor, Microfiber Wholesale, and made them the official microfiber vendor of the MaidPro franchise for over 10 years. I was so blown away by the quality of their products and their dedication to the success of their customers, that I started to work for them pro-bono, helping author advice articles and design new cleaning tools behind the scenes.

Eventually, we both realized there was so much more we could accomplish together, so they hired me full-time as their Chief Cleaning Officer, providing me a platform from which to share my knowledge with the broader cleaning community.

Microfiber Wholesale had come to realize that the fastest and most ethical way they could grow their microfiber business was to help their cleaning clients become more successful, so they need more microfiber and can afford to invest in the best. Promoting me from Microfiber Wholesale’s #1 Fan to a full-time employee was a natural transition, allowing me to do what I am most passionate about; helping as many people as I can that love cleaning as much as I do!

Spending decades answering people’s cleaning questions and being tasked with finding ever more innovative solutions to help my clients clean faster, more effectively, and more profitably, I’ve practically become a walking encyclopedia of cleaning solutions and resources. Now instead of being an exclusive resource only for the privileged few that can afford to join a big franchise, I can now share my expertise with cleaning business owners, professional cleaners, and home cleaning enthusiasts of any size.

What Cleaning Challenges Can I Fix for You? 

Given my decades of experience, there are very few cleaning questions left that I haven’t been asked or tasked with finding a better answer to.

Whether it’s “how do I clean hard water off a copper sink without destroying the patina?”, “what is the best tool to mop uneven stone floors?” or, “I scratched up a stainless steel refrigerator, how do I fix it?” I can give you the real world answers you can use today to clean up your worst cleaning messes.

If you need cleaning product recommendations, cleaning procedure advice, cleaning business operations improvements, cleaning company growth and profitability consulting, or even cleaning damaged repair instructions, you have come to the right place.

In my blog, I'll regularly be adding new articles, creating a treasure trove of real-world cleaning advice for professional cleaners, cleaning business owners, and home cleaning enthusiasts. I have a particular passion for helping cleaning businesses and professional cleaners grow and thrive, as my success in this task furthers one of my life’s goals, which is to help elevate the public’s perception of professional cleaning.

This goal is personal to me, as my great grandmother was an African American domestic and laundress during the Pre-Civil Rights era. I was raised on the stories of the persecution she faced and the perseverance she showed in the face of adversity, as she became the first Person of Color to own property in her city, on a domestic’s wages, even when everyone refused to sell to her due to her color. She had to beg one of her laundry clients to take her cash and buy it on her behalf.

I still palpably remember my dismay decades later when I found the industry was still rife with the same injustices, mistreatment, lack of respect, and underestimation of the very people that do the most to keep everyone alive and healthy. I realize quickly that my advancement in my career onto the national stage as an expert was an incredible opportunity to act as a Trojan Horse and help change the narrative surrounding professional cleaning to one of admiration, respect and dignity.

How Can You Make Sure You Don’t Miss Anything?

Keeping up with our steady stream of educational content is as simple as following our Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or TikTok pages.

You can also register your business with us to receive regular email updates about our new content as well as receive special discount offers for Microfiber Wholesale products.

The best way to stay up to date, though, is to place your first order with Microfiber Wholesale, as all customers are automatically subscribed to our email list.

Whether you're a home consumer looking for the Ultimate Microfiber Cleaning Kit or a cleaning business looking for a Professional Cleaning Starter Kit to properly outfit a professional cleaner, buying from Microfiber Wholesale will not only give you the best products that save you time and money, it will also help support the content I create, so we all can grow together.

Get Enrolled for FREE in Our Cleaning Education Series

If you don't want to wait for my articles to answer a cleaning question you need help with, I'll be providing a variety of ways for Microfiber Wholesale customers and followers to get their questions answered quickly.

First, we are providing, a direct line of communication where you can ask me directly your most troubling cleaning concerns. If your question has a wider appeal, we may even make an article or video about it and share it on our Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or TikTok page.

Speaking of social media, I will be hosting Go Live events on several platforms, making it easy for our followers to hop on and ask their questions live for instant gratification as well as learn from the questions of their peers.

If you prefer to learn from other cleaning industry experts besides just myself, we’re running a recurring video series “Cleaning Up the Profits: Dishing the Dirt on What It Takes to Succeed in the Cleaning Industry” where I'll be interviewing successful cleaning business owners across North America and sharing their hard-earned wisdom with the world.

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