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18" Professional Microfiber Mop System

$44.98 / cada uno
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The Mops System for Cleaners That Deserves the Very Best!

Be the hero and treat your staff with a mop that works as hard as they do. If you truly care about your cleaners and the quality of work they can produce, this is the mop you’ve been searching for.

Top of line tools for your top talent! Every inch of this mop is filled with our most premium features. From thicker pads, to stronger hardware, to rounded pad edges that clean right up to the baseboards, this system has it all.

Included in this system is everything you need to keep hard floors pristine with ease:

The Mop for Companies that Actually Care About Their Cleaners!


Your staff can tell when you give them cheap tools. Show them that you really respect them and their hard work by investing in a mop that saves them so much time and energy. Send your cleaners home proud, not exhausted!

Stop settling and spoil your staff with the 18" Professional Mop System today!

Prepare to be FLOORED by How Fast You Can Clean!


This feature-packed mop makes every step of mopping faster and easier.

From capturing more dust while you sweep to leaving fewer streaks when you mop, you will save time with every stroke.

Light Clean Labor with Deep Clean Results!


Achieving flawless floors has never been easier:


  1. Gently glide our plush dry dust mop to collect even the finest dirt and debris.

  2. Quickly dampen our wet-glide mop pad with just water. Add a dash of floor cleaner to make neglected floors shine with renewed beauty.

  3. Effortlessly float the wet-glide mop pad across your floors and watch it pick up all the dirt and residue in a single pass, leaving behind nothing but the shine.

Clean Any Floor with Ease!


Our tools handle hardwood, laminate, VCT, stone, tile, concrete—you name it! Over 470 GSM of means it can grab more dirt with less chemicals and water, making it the safest choice for even the fussiest floors.


Carefully Crafted to Protect Your Floors!


It's designed with ultra-soft fibers and heavy-duty hardware that pamper your floors and deep cleans without falling apart, reducing the risk of unwanted scratches.

Upgrade to a Deeper Level of Clean.


If you truly care about the cleanliness of the floors you care for, this is the system you’ve been waiting for.

The Ultimate Dirt and Germ Magnet! EPA testing has proven that premium microfiber picks up 99% of dirt and germs, while cotton strings struggle to hold 60%. Make your floors 5 second rule worth in minutes.

Extend the Life of Your Finishes. When you clean with the premium microfiber, there is less residue and trace particles of grit that get pushed by shoes to sand and embed in soft finishes.

Proper deep cleaning keeps all your finishes, from polyurethane to stone sealant to commercial VCT tile finish all shining for months longer.

A Top of the Line Mop That Helps Your Bottom Line.


When every second counts, more cleaners turn to Microfiber Wholesale’s Professional Mop system to get the speed they need to succeed.

Bargain mops are cheap to buy, but this mop is cheap to own! The Professional mop system pays for itself through reduced labor, increased client retention and improved job satisfaction.

The pads last hundreds of washes, unlike popular spin mop heads that only last 3 months! This system pays for the upgrade with refill savings alone!

¿Por qué comprar en Microfiber Wholesale?

Invest in the Best with Microfiber Wholesale!


We're a 3rd generation, family-owned American company with a passion for top-notch customer service and innovative cleaning solutions.

High-Quality Products for Everyone! We care about all our customers, big or small, and only use the highest grade plush microfiber for faster, streak-free cleaning.

Built to Last! Our products, from mop pads to towels and dusters, boast expert sewing and tight stitching for maximized durability.

Made for Professionals, Available for All! Designed to withstand professional use, our products can be laundered hundreds of times for maximum sanitation and convenience.

*Microfiber Washing & Disinfection Instructions



  • Order Includes:

    • (2) Microfiber Wet Mop Pads 5” x 18” (13.5cm x 46cm)

      • Blend:
        Light Blue yarn is 80% Polyester/20% Polyamide
        Medium Blue yarn is 100% Polyester

      • Peso: 470 gramos por metro cuadrado (hilo facial)

      • Soporte: gancho y argolla

    • (1) 18" Mojave Microfiber Dust Mop Pad 5” x 19” (13.5cm x 48cm)

      • Blend:
        Light Grey yarn is 80% Polyester/20% Polyamide
        Dark Blue yarn is 80% Polyester/20% Polyamide

      • Soporte: gancho y argolla

    • (1) Heavy-Duty Telescoping Stainless Steel Mop Handle 42” to 70” (107cm to 178cm)

    • (1) 18" Heavy Duty Microfiber Mop Frame 4”x16” (10cm x 40cm)


Get Enrolled for FREE in Our Cleaning Education Series

  • Microfiber Wholesale has invested in hiring a full-time professional cleaning expert, Melissa Homer.

  • Melissa has over 20+ years of experience in product testing, cleaning business coaching, cleaning training program writing, and more!

  • We provide access to her incredible, industry-specific, educational content FREE for Microfiber Wholesale customers.  

  • Melissa is accessible in a variety of ways for Microfiber Wholesale Customers to get their questions answered quickly.  

    •, a direct line of communication where you can ask me directly your most troubling cleaning concerns

    • Hosting Go Live events on Youtube, TikTok, and Facebook, making it easy for you to hop on and ask your questions live as well as learn from other’s questions

If you prefer to learn from other cleaning industry experts besides just Melissa, we’re running a recurring video series “Cleaning Up the Profits: Dishing the Dirt on What It Takes to Succeed in the Cleaning Industry” where she interviews successful cleaning business owners from across North America and shares their hard-earned wisdom with the world.


Detalles del producto

La mopa de microfibra profesional de Microfiber Wholesale le permitirá limpiar a fondo los pisos de su casa u oficina de forma rápida, fácil y sin productos químicos. Esta mopa increíblemente duradera y lavable a máquina dejará sus pisos más limpios que nunca.

Fabricación: El mango de la Mopa está hecho de acero inoxidable de alta resistencia con una punta de rosca acme. Se extiende de 42" a 70", lo que significa que puede ajustarlo a su altura y dejar de usar mangos demasiado cortos que le obligan a agacharse para limpiar correctamente. El armazón está hecho de aluminio de alta resistencia y permite que la mopa gire 360°, así como que se acueste casi completamente plana mientras mantiene la mopa en contacto con el piso (¡genial para limpiar debajo del sofá!). Las mopas húmedas Premium son nuestras mopas húmedas de mayor calidad y cuentan con bucles de microfibra que envuelven toda la parte posterior de la mopa, permitiéndole limpiar hasta las tablas de la base. También están hechos con un núcleo de espuma gruesa que permite que la almohadilla absorba más líquido, lo que significa que puede cubrir más área con cada almohadilla. La almohadilla de la mopa para el polvo cuenta con un hilo de microfibra que atrae y retiene los residuos más grandes, como el pelo de las mascotas y las migas de comida, mientras que la microfibra del interior de la mopa recoge las partículas de polvo más finas.

Método de uso: Las mopas húmedas Premium están diseñadas para ser usadas en húmedo, funcionan muy bien con agua corriente... no se necesitan productos químicos para limpiar eficazmente. Por supuesto, también funcionarán con su limpiador de pisos favorito. La mopa está diseñada para ser utilizada en seco. Utilice esta mopa como limpiador de pisos de madera, baldosas, laminados, vinilo, etc. En el embalaje se incluyen instrucciones de uso y cuidado más detalladas.

Consiga que sus suelos estén más limpios, más rápido... ORDENE AHORA!

Puede comprar almohadillas adicionales para la mopa aquí:
Mopas húmedas de microfibrade recambio
Mopas de microfibra de recambio para el polvo

¡Vea cómo los limpiadores profesionales utilizan nuestra mopa de microfibra profesional!
Consulte nuestros artículos, Cómo limpiar suelos de baldosas y Cómo fregar un piso.

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