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Spring Cleaning in a Box: The Ultimate Microfiber Cleaning Kit

Spring Cleaning in a Box: The Ultimate Microfiber Cleaning Kit

Spring Cleaning is the one time a year where even the messiest among us feel the primal urge to throw open the windows, let the fresh air in, and go into hardcore nesting mode preparing their home for the promise of new life floating on the beckoning breeze.

Despite what fairy tale movies promise us, it takes more than singing songs whilst twirling in the sunshine to transform your home into a place of beauty. Proper Spring cleaning requires planning, hard work, and most importantly, the right tools.

“Work smarter, not harder" is such a common phrase it’s surprising people forget it also applies to cleaning! You wouldn’t trust your infant to a 1950s car seat or suffer the inconvenience of writing a business letter on a 1980s word processor, yet you arm yourself for Spring cleaning with tools whose design hasn’t changed since before either of these eras!  

If you're still cleaning with stone age cleaning technology, consider this article your clarion call for a long overdue system upgrade. Even if you think your cleaning tools pass modern muster, if they aren’t from Microfiber Wholesale, you are undoubtedly missing out on so many features you didn’t even know were an option, so take a moment to learn why YOU too need Spring cleaning in a box!

A Microfiber Towels that Clean as Hard as You Do!

If you haven’t cleaned with a Microfiber Wholesale microfiber towel yet, you have no idea how fast you can actually clean.

As cleaning professionals will gladly tell you, the quality of the towel in your hand makes all the difference in how long any cleaning task will take you, regardless of the season. Why, you ask? The reason is one word: Residue!

Cleaning is NOT the act of applying soapy water to surfaces, instead cleaning is the act of REMOVING dirt-filled soapy water OFF of surfaces. If you are cleaning with cheap microfiber, or heaven forbid, old cotton rags, neither has the ability to lift and hold onto nearly as much dirty water as premium microfiber.

When you wipe with a towel, the moisture is absorbed into the center of the fibers, but all the dirt and soap particles are actually lodged into the gaps between the threads of the weave. Big fibers like cotton absorb lots of water, but leave very few spaces for dirt to lodge.

Microfiber has tons of little spaces because the fibers are only a third the size of cotton and the side of the fibers are shredded to make even more dirt lodging spots. This means microfiber can pick up and hold onto 99.5% of dirt, bacteria, and soap residue, where cotton can only grab 68% and drops 33% back on the surface as you continue to scrub… yuck!

Bargain basement microfiber, while an improvement to cotton, is usually only 200 gsm (grams of microfiber per meter), versus premium products like Microfiber Wholesale which clocks in at 320 gsm. In layman's terms you're getting 37% more microfiber per inch to pick up over a third more dirt and residue per stroke. This means however long it usually takes you to wipe down tables, stovetops, and streaky stainless steel, you can now shave a third off that time, because you’re grabbing dirt, not smearing it!

Best of all, imagine being able to wash that incredible dirt grabber 300+ times and having it still make you a third faster just like it did right out of the box… yeah, it’s that good. Now imagine that third faster time savings applied to ALL your cleaning tasks this Spring and you start to understand the power of buying this kit.

12 Pack 16"x16" Microfiber Towels

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 301 Reviews

$15.98 / cada uno

A Modern Mop Made for Speed and Shine

All that stuff we just taught you about how amazing Microfiber Wholesale’s premium microfiber is, well it applies to any surface, especially floors!

All those floors you think are fussy to clean, you know the laminate that constantly streaks and the kitchen tile that turns your socks black… it’s all LIES! Stop blaming your beautiful floors for your stone age mops that are making them look high maintenance and streaky. Cotton string mops, sponge mops, and those tinker-toy spin mops can’t hold a candle to the power of a premium quality microfiber flat mop! Why? The answer is surface area, density, and washability.

Old fashioned mops like cotton string and sponge mops are bacteria bonanzas that are near impossible to get fully clean, leave behind a ton of dirt so they need multiple passes and constant rinsing, and need replacement ever few months due to poor washability and workmanship.

Even modern fad mops, like the spin mop craze, still miss the mark even though they claim to be made of microfiber. Spin mops are made of the lowest grade microfiber spun into bushy yarn strands that make them look plump, but hardly have any microfiber to them (like putting a fluffy cat in the bath). Worst yet, as you swish the heads around, their fanned out dimensions of 12” collapse to half that, giving you an embarrassingly small surface with which to actually mop your big floors. Worst of all, the airy, cheap yarn falls apart in the wash and can barely last three months (check the fine print)!

A premium microfiber flat mop like the Microfiber Wholesale 18” mop trounce traditional mops in every possible measure. First, the pad is a generous 18” x 5”, giving you 90 square inches of dirt grabbing power (3x the surface area of spin mop), allowing you to clean even the biggest rooms FAST.

Next, unlike most bargain microfiber mops you find online, Microfiber Wholesale offers an incredibly dense 470 gsm pad, so every one of those 90 square inches is grabbing incredible amounts of dirt and residue, leaving even the fussiest laminates, mirror tiles, and wood floors streak free. The density also means that the pad can work longer between rinses, saving you rinses and reducing the risk of smearing around dirt with an overly full mop. Best of all, the pads last over 300 washes, so this mop can save you time and energy for many seasons to come.

As if this all weren’t reason enough to love this mop already, we haven’t even bragged about the hardware yet! Microfiber Wholesale spared no expense custom designing our frames with unique features that make deep cleaning easier and faster all year long! Our unique swivel lock anchors the mop head in three distinct directions for three different tasks.

In full 360° open position, the mop swivels around floors with ease. In the 180° locked position, the mop stops swiveling side to side, so mopping walls and ceilings becomes a breeze. In the 45° angle lock position, the mop transforms into a baseboard cleaner, saving your time and your lower back.

Speaking of your lower back, the pole extends to a generous 72”, so even the tallest moppers can stand up straight and clean with proper posture to avoid back and shoulder strain. Best of all, the frame and pole are made with high strength plastics and stainless steel, so they will last years, not months.

A Duster Designed to Clean Any Shape at Any Height!

Last, but never least, let’s take a moment to marvel at our flexible chenille duster and its Spring cleaning vanquishing capabilities.

This duster is truly unique because it's two-foot long and covered on all sides with a sleeve of super soft microfiber fingers that can wiggle and mold themselves into any shape or crevice as you dust. The stem of the duster is bendable metal with a protective foam covering, so you can bend the duster to fit into any awkward situation, from making an L to clean the top of your kitchen cabinets, to curving around exposed air ducts, to sandwiching your ceiling fans top and bottom, to squeezing into the spot between your oven and your cabinets, and so much more.

High or low, there isn’t a place our duster can’t go! Speaking of high and low, our duster actually screws onto our 72” extension pole (or any longer pole you have already) so you can use it to clean cobwebs, fans, AC vents, lights fixtures, and anything else out of arm's reach! If you live in a humid climate where ceiling fans become sticky dirt covered messes, you can even wet clean the ceiling fan blades safely from the ground by spraying the chenille sleeve with all purpose cleaner!

Once you’ve gotten the duster absolutely filthy with your worst Spring cleaning challenges, unlike your disgusting feather or lambswool duster, you can just toss the chenille sleeve in the washer and dryer for hundreds of washings. Try doing that with your Swiffer Duster!

Thanks to it’s washability and durability, our duster is one of the cheapest dusters on the market, when you do the math of the cost per clean. Yes, you read that correctly, you get the increased performance of premium microfiber that holds more dust, custom shaping for deeper cleaning results, and the reach of an extension duster and hand duster in one AND you’re saving yourself money.

Stop Reading and Buy It Already!

If you haven’t clicked add to cart yet, you better need new glasses or have already bought all these items from us!

If you’re still struggling to justify buying new supplies when you technically have old stuff, I’ll leave you with this… you don’t have to be a professional cleaner to believe your time is worth money!

Microfiber Wholesale is the trusted vendor of so many large commercial and residential cleaning businesses because they have all tested our products and found that they genuinely make their staff clean better and faster. Just because you don’t clean for a living doesn’t mean you deserve to waste your time with antiquated supplies.

Your cleaning time is precious, even if no one is paying you for it! Every minute you waste this Spring fighting sticky messes with junky rags or streaky floors with smelly old mops is a minute less time for your friends, your kids, your partner and even just yourself! You should be spending your Spring frolicking with family, not scrubbing in solitude and $99 is short money to make sure that happens this Spring, and many Springs to come! Just do it already!

Deep Clean Hard Floors, Effortlessly.

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