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10" Microfiber Wall Wash Mop System

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Complete Wall Washing Solution



Our microfiber mop system is your ultimate ally in achieving spotless walls.


Equipped with 3 microfiber wall wash mop pads, this kit ensures thorough scrubbing and deep cleaning for every surface.

16 x 24 microfiber waffle weave towels


Effortless Handling



Designed for convenience, our lightweight mop weighs a mere 1.5 lbs when assembled.


With an adjustable handle extending from 42" to 72", reaching tricky spots becomes a breeze, eliminating the need for ladders or chairs.


Enhanced Maneuverability



Say goodbye to awkward angles and tight spaces. The 9" frame boasts a full 360° swivel, effortlessly navigating around fixtures and door frames.


For added stability, simply lock the swivel when tackling ceilings.


toallas de microfibra tejido estilo waffle para cristales
toallas tejido estilo waffle blanca


Versatile Cleaning Solutions



Whether it's dirt, grime, or stains, our mop pads tackle them all with ease.


Utilize them with just water for effective dirt removal or pair them with your favorite cleaning solutions for added potency.



Superior Durability


Engineered for long-lasting performance, our mop pads are machine washable and built to withstand hundreds of washings.


With their exceptional durability, you can rely on them for consistent cleaning results, time after time.

toallas de mano tejido estilo waffle

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Detalles del producto

Construction: Microfiber Wholesale's Microfiber Wall Wash Mop System is perfect for cleaning walls, ceilings, and floors.

  • 9" Heavy Duty Mop Frame is an aluminum mop frame with a unique shape that allows it to easily be pushed into corners. The mop frame features two rows of molded plastic hook and loop type material that firmly grips our microfiber mop pads. The hardware allows the frame to swivel 360 degrees. The swivel has a locking mechanism which, when engaged, prevents side to side motion. This makes cleaning walls and ceilings easy. Use these with our small size 10 inch mop pads.
  • Heavy Duty Telescoping Mop Handle is an aluminum handle that extends with a twist from 42” to 70”. The diameter of the outer part of the handle is 1 inch. It features a comfortable high impact plastic top grip with a handy spot to hang it by a hook. It also has an adjustable foam grip for your other hand.
  • 10" Microfiber Wall Wash Mop Pad (3) is a 10" microfiber wet mop pad. The smaller design allows for easier vertical and overhead maneuverability. The lint free mop pad is constructed from looped polyester / polyamide blend microfiber yarn and looped polyester. The microfiber face yarn is sewn to a hook and loop style backing with overlock stitching on the edges. They are the ideal wall cleaning tool.

Uses: This microfiber mop for washing walls & ceilings is perfect whether you want to dust or deep clean. It's also great for mopping your floors and will work great on any hard flooring surface.

Method: Use the Microfiber Wall Wash Mop Pads to remove dust or deep clean your walls. You can use these with just water or with a cleaning solution. Make sure they are not too wet, as that will result in a higher chance of leaving streaks. When cleaning make sure you check your mop pad constantly to make sure it's not oversaturated with dirt; the last thing you want to do is be smearing dirt. If your mop pad is too dirty, you can just rinse and wring it out in the sink and then reuse. When you are done washing your walls, we recommend using one dry Microfiber Wall Wash Mop Pad to finish up and collect any remaining water or dirt.

Make sure you enable the Swivel Lock when using for walls and ceilings! This will prevent the mop from moving side-to-side, making your job much easier. When cleaning floors the Swivel Lock is not needed, since the 360° swivel is great for maneuvering around objects and into tight-spaces.


  • 9" Heavy Duty Mop Frame
    • Tamaño: 4"x9" (10cm x 23cm)
    • Material: Aluminio con plástico de alto impacto
    • Attach: hook and loop
  • Mango telescópico de alta resistencia para mopa
    • Tamaño: de 42" a 70" x 1" (de 107cm a 178cm x 2,5cm)
    • Material: Aluminio con plástico de alto impacto
  • 10" Microfiber Wall Wash Mop Pad
    • Tamaño: 5"x10.5" (13.5cm x 27cm)
    • Color: Azul claro/azul medio
    • Mezcla: El hilo azul claro es 80% poliéster/20% microfibra de poliamida El hilo azul medio es 100% poliéster
    • Denier: .1-.2
    • Peso: 470 gramos por metro cuadrado
    • Soporte: Gancho y argolla

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