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Printed MW Quick Screen & Eyeglass Cleaning Cloths

$1.89 / cada uno
En todos los pedidos nacionales. No se requiere una cantidad mínima de pedido.

No Art Charges ♦ No Limit to the Number of Colors ♦ Fast Turnaround 

We can customize your microfiber Buff™ Quick Cloths with your logo, contact info, and just about anything else you can imagine! We do the dye sublimation printing in-house and, unlike screen printing or silk screening, the process we use doesn’t affect your ability to use the towel. In fact, the printed area doesn’t feel any differently than the rest of the towel!

For more info on the cloth, see below.

We’ve simplified our process so it’s easier than ever to order!

  1. Select your artwork to be printed and where on the cloth it should be printed.
  2. Upload your artwork or agree to email it later.
  3. Add to cart and complete the checkout process.
  4. Usually within 2 business days of receiving your artwork we’ll email you a proof of your printed Quick Cloth. At that point you can make changes. We won’t print your order until you’ve approved it!

Keep your glasses and devices looking like new

  • Paños de microfibra ultrafinos de dos caras diseñados específicamente para limpiar y pulir gafas, teléfonos, tablets y lentes
  • La microfibra gris en bucle elimina las manchas, la suciedad, el polvo y los residuos. Su sedosa cara impresa abrillanta sus gafas, pantallas y lentes para mantenerlas como nuevas.
  • Se pueden lavar a máquina con las instrucciones de cuidado de la caja: ¡durarán años!
paño de microfibra para lentes de cámara


Se trata de un paño de microfibra de doble cara para lentes. Primero utilice el lado gris para eliminar la suciedad, la grasa y las manchas. A continuación, utilice el lado impreso que elimina las manchas y no deja pelusas. Utilícelos en su teléfono, tablets, gafas, cámaras, etc.


No rayan ninguna superficie. El lado gris está hecho de material de rizo suave, mientras que el lado impreso está hecho de microfibra de seda suave.

paño para gafas
paño de limpieza de gafas


La microfibra de doble cara hace que estos paños sean mucho más gruesos que los paños de limpieza de lentes de microfibra normales que le regalan con sus nuevas gafas o su teléfono. Además, con 6 diseños divertidos y únicos, ¿dónde puede encontrar algo como esto?


Siga nuestras instrucciones de cuidado personal para asegurarse de que se mantengan eficaces durante cientos de lavados. Los bordes cosidos evitan cualquier posibilidad de que se deshagan en el lavado.

paños para gafas lavables

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Detalles del producto

Microfiber Wholesales's Buff™ Quick Cloths are durable ultrafine microfiber cloths specifically designed for cleaning and polishing eyeglasses, lenses, tablets, phones and other personal devices. These 5" x 7" cloths are perfect to keep in your purses, laptop bags, backpacks and brief cases.

Uses: Because these eyeglass lens cleaning cloths have 2 different sides of microfiber, they are much thicker than your average eyeglass cleaning cloth. This means they'll clean, dust, and polish a wide variety of objects (large and small) from computer screens to camera lenses. Both sides are safe to use without the threat of scratching.
Because of their ideal 5" x 7" size they are perfect to carry around in your purse or car as an optical or eyeglass lens cloth. The added thickness of these cloths makes them great for use on larger objects, such as laptops, tablets, even TV's.When using, it is important to remember, the gray side is better for cleaning, scrubbing, and removing away larger amounts of gunk on the surface. The printed side will remove the remaining streaks and smudges.

Method: Use the gray side to clean. The gray side is made of longer looped microfiber. This makes it better for cleaning, since it's able to lift then trap oil, dirt, dust, and debris in the looped fibers.Follow up by using the printed side to polish! The printed side is an ultra fine weave microfiber cloth. Because of the flatter weave this side works as a squeegee removing & buffing out the remaining streaks and smudges left on after cleaning.Of course you can use your favorite cleaners with this cloth or dampen the cloth with water. If you plan on doing this, please wet the cloth, not the surface of what you are cleaning. This is especially important when cleaning electronics

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