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Mwipes™ Bag of Cleaning Rags (4lbs)

9 reviews |
$24.98 / each
On all domestic orders. No minimum required.
  • Assortment of Microfiber Cleaning Rags To Clean, Scrub, & Dry! This 4lb. bag of rags contains a mixture of towel types and sizes to help you accomplish a wide variety of cleaning jobs. All the rags are machine washable. Because these rags are factory seconds (see note below), each bag contains a different assortment of rags, there is no guarantee you will get x amount of each.
  • Great For One-Time Use. Instead of using cotton or t-shirt cloth rags, use Microfiber! It cleans and absorbs way better, making it much more effective for picking up things like paint, oils, greases, etc. Because they are inexpensive, you can toss them out if they get too dirty.
  • Pick-Up Spills With The Terry Rags: The terry weave rags are great for everyday basic cleaning around your home, but also are perfect for picking up heavy-duty spills.
  • Remove Streaks With The Flat Weave Rags: Use these to get streaks off your windows, mirrors, stainless steel, and electronics. They are lint free.
  • For The Harder To Remove Stuff Use The Scrubber Rags. These have ridges, making them great for removing stuck on food in kitchens or any other stuck on debris around your home or in the shop.

    Note: These rags are factory seconds, which means they didn't meet our factory's incredibly high quality control standards typically because of color or stitching issues. All rags are suitable for wiping, absorbing, polishing or scrubbing.


Includes a variety of types of microfiber rags to tackle any general cleaning task. Rags are assorted styles, colors and sizes ranging from - 10x10 to 16x24

rags in a bag
rags for cleaning


Better alternative to using cotton or t-shirt rags. Microfiber cleans and absorbs way better! It is great for picking up spills like oils, paint, etc. and picking up a ton of debris like saw dust, grime, and dirt.


These are the perfect industrial or commercial cleaning rags. You'll have a ton of cleaning rags to make your job easy and get it done the right way.

commercial cleaning rags
reusable cleaning rags


Although these make for great disposable rags because of how cheap they are, that doesn't mean you can't wash and reuse them! These reusable cleaning rags will last hundreds of machine washings without losing their effectiveness.

Product Details

Construction: Our Mwipes™ Microfiber Shop Rags are factory seconds, which means the material (for whatever reason) didn't meet quality control standards. Most frequently this has to do with dyeing, meaning the color wasn't perfect, or wasn't consistent. Even though these are towels that didn't pass quality control, that doesn't mean they don't work just as great as intended. They are still made from the same great quality microfiber meaning they are all 100% effective for cleaning, wiping, etc. That means you'll be getting great quality microfiber rags for an even better price! Our bag of rags contains an assortment of microfiber towels each with a different weave : terry, smooth, or scrubbing weave. All of the towels are made from an absorbent 80% Polyester/20% Polyamide blend for maximum cleaning and absorbency. They come in sizes from 12"x12" to 16"x24". (Not every bag of rags contains the same proportion of rags)

Uses: For the best results use each type of rag for its intended purpose.

  • Terry cloth cleaning rags are best used for general cleaning and drying. These are great for picking up spills or wiping down your surfaces. We recommend using these as a industrial shop rags!
  • Lint free cleaning rags - characterized by their smooth feel, are best used for drying and removing streaks from surfaces such as glass, crystal, stainless steel, and any other non-porous surface. It's best to make sure you clean the surface before drying with these to ensure you aren't smearing dirt.
  • Scrubbing Weave Rags have ridges and are great for removing stuck on debris in household or industrial settings. Use them with water or a cleaning product to loosen up and break down the debris. These will not scratch your surface.

Method: Microfiber cleans great with just water or your favorite cleaning product. You should always fold your microfiber rags when cleaning, so you'll have multiple cleaning or drying sides. When washing your microfiber please follow our washing instructions to ensure they last hundreds of washings without losing their effectiveness. If you are looking for disposable shop rags because you are either using them for heavy-duty cleaning or disinfecting, these will work perfectly.


  • Sizes: 12"x12" (30cm x 30cm), 16"x16" (41cm x 41xm) or 16"x24" (41xm x 61cm)
  • Color: Red, White, Blue
  • Blend: 80% Polyester/20% Polyamide Microfiber – 100% Microfiber
  • Denier: .1-.2

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Valerie C.
United States United States

Love them

These rags are exactly what I need for post construction cleaning they’re durable the mixture in trees and sizes, perfect I will be ordering them from now on thanks Microfiber your Awesome!!!

United States United States

Awesome Variety of Cloths!!

Awesome variety of cloths! I had already purchased most of the other cloths in the colors I wanted, but I always wanted to purchase this set. This variable set came with 1 waffle weave, 2 diamond weave, 4 kitchen, 1 that I'm unsure of it's use and what type it is, and then the rest were the economy and regular general purpose cloths. I already had waffle and the higher quality general purpose cloths which I'm obsessed with. I was highly impressed with the economy general purpose cloths in this set! Unlike cheaper quality cloths from big box stores, these cloths don't stick to my hands like cheaper cloths I've purchased in the past and I love their texture. These cloths all work great. This set is cheap enough I can use it for scrap jobs, but I love them enough that I'll continue to use the scrap rags from other stores for scrap jobs, and this set will be moved into my regular rotation for each cloths qualified jobs!! I highly recommend this set for those wanting to try a variety of their cloths, but really truly, you can't go wrong with anything you order. I've loved absolutely everything!

Keith N.
United States United States

Microfiber Shop Rags

Great variety, colors, textures!

Mary M.
United States United States

Nice selection of cleaning cloths for a fair price.

Its nice to have 40 of these cloths. The bag contains a few each of different styles to try out. I have used quite a few of the cloths already, and am very happy with each style. They all clean very well. This gives me an idea of what to order next.

E A.
United States United States

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