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Toallas económicas de microfibra de 16" x 16" para el lavado de coches

$44.98 / Paquete de 50 unidades
En todos los pedidos nacionales. No se requiere una cantidad mínima de pedido.
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Economy Towels for a Deep Car Clean.


Discover cleaning perfection at an affordable price.


The Economy Microfiber Car Wash Towels are designed for car lovers.

Made with more microfiber than other economy brands, and the ability to clean more efficiently, these towels will not only keep your car in pristine condition, they'll save you money.

Unlock your car cleaning potential with a towel that does it all, from cleaning to polishing your most prized possession.

Better Than the Rest

Ordinary car wash suppliers try to save you money by giving you less, but we save you money by giving you MORE!

Generic economy car wash towels are made thin, scratchy, and poorly sewn, just to hit a low price point. Rather than joining the rat race to the bottom, we’re shooting for the stars by making the most advanced economy car wash towel on the market:


  • More microfiber per inch, so it can grab more dirt with every wipe!

  • Stronger threads that won’t snap when you scrub, so you leave less lint for less rework.

  • Intensely plush weave means you clean with zero streaks, without all that extra buffing.

  • So powerful it can clean with just water. Add soap to make it truly unstoppable.

  • Luxuriously soft, it feels great to hold and is safe for the most delicate paint job.

  • Industrial strength edges stitched to last 250+ washes, so you spend less money on reorders.


Economy Price for a Premium Product


Bargain towels are cheap to buy, but these are cheap to own!


If you buy one box of 50, an Economy Microfiber Car Wash Towel costs just 89 cents, and it saves you so much money.

It’s like the towels are paying you!

An Economy towel also lasts 250+ washes, outlasting other brands on the market.

It's in the Details


These towels are designed to work on all surfaces, making them perfect for car detailing.


With more microfiber, it'll be easy to keep dashboards, center consoles, leather seats, and cup holders clean from dust and dirt.


Use towels damp, dry, and with polishing spray. These towels work hard on the finer details.


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Why You Should Invest In the Best


  • Microfiber Wholesale is a 3rd generation, family-owned, American company that sells the highest quality microfiber.

  • Our passion is providing high-touch customer service and innovative cleaning solutions to cleaning professionals and home cleaning enthusiasts alike. Big or small, we genuinely care about you all.

  • We only use the highest grade microfiber, woven extra plush, so you pick up more dirt and leave fewer streaks with every stroke, helping you clean faster!


Detalles del producto

These are the same product as our 16” x 16” Economy All Purpose Microfiber Towels. Since they were extremely popular amongst our customers as Car Wash Microfiber Towels, we decided to add them to our Car Care section of our webstie. Of course the Economy All Purpose Microfiber Towels are still available under the Microfiber Towels section of our website.

Microfiber Wholesale’s 16” x 16” Economy Microfiber Car Wash Towels offer the high quality you expect at a more economical price. They work great for cleaning or drying on your car's paint, chrome, or glass. You can also use these to clean, dust, or dry on lany surface of your car's interior: leather, plastic, or cloth. These all purpose microfiber towels are constructed from woven polyester / polyamide blend microfiber. The open spaces in the fibers created by the splitting process are what give the towels its ability to hold dust and dirt as well as its ability to absorb liquid. The edges of the towels are sewn with overlock stitching which greatly increases the life of the towel. When cared for properly they'll last hundreds of washings.

Fabricación: Nuestras Toallas de Microfibra Económicas Para El Lavado de Coches están compuestas por cientos de miles de fibras divididas que permiten que los paños limpien agresivamente sin ser abrasivos. Tienen un tacto afelpado y son seguras para usar en cualquier superficie y acabado del automóvil. Están fabricados con una mezcla de microfibra de poliéster y poliamida. Los espacios abiertos en las fibras creados por el proceso de división son los que dan a las toallas su capacidad para retener el polvo y la suciedad, así como su capacidad para absorber líquidos. Los bordes de las toallas están cosidos con puntadas over lock que aumentan en gran medida la vida útil de la toalla. Para garantizar su durabilidad, hemos sometido estas toallas a múltiples pruebas de lavado. Los resultados de estas pruebas mostraron que después de 250 lavados a máquina, estas toallas de microfibra absorbieron un 95% de agua como lo hicieron inicialmente.
Usos: Ideales para las tareas básicas de cuidado del coche, como el secado o la limpieza de los exteriores e interiores del coche. Estas toallas de microfibra son ideales para absorber rápidamente el agua y la suciedad de la pintura, el cromo o las superficies de cristal de su coche sin rayarlas. Incluso puede utilizarlas para los detalles de automóviles, pero le recomendamos que utilice algo más especializado para ello, como nuestras Toallas de Microfibra Buff™ Detail 400.
Method:    When using our Microfiber Car Wash Towels to wipe away dirt and smears it's usually best to fold the microfiber towel twice. This gives you eight cleaning surfaces with each towel, so when one side is completely full of dirt, you still have 7 other sides to clean with. If you are just using them to dry water, remember to keep multiple handy. These towels were made with the perfect thickness to wring out easily and air-dry fast, which would be much more difficult for a thicker towel. If you are cleaning your interiors, these towels clean great with just plain water, but of course they will work great with cleaning solution as well. Remember to color code when necessary!

Click here to read about washing microfiber towels. We also sell detergent that's safe for microfiber.
Prevent Color Transfer for Black and Red Towels! Wash with only like colors. Take care when using this on light surfaces with cleaning solutions that may leach dye from the fabric.


  • Tamaño: 16"x16" (40cm x 40cm)
  • Colores: Azul, Verde, Amarillo, Rojo, Negro, Blanco
  • Mezcla: 80% poliéster / 20% poliamida
  • Peso: 250 gramos por metro cuadrado
  • Bordes: Costura Overlock

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