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How To Deep Clean Laminate Floors Without Streaks!

How To Deep Clean Laminate Floors Without Streaks!

While laminate floors are easier to clean and maintain than hardwood floors, it doesn’t mean they won't need a deep clean from time to time. We’ve got some great tips to get the job done safely, quickly, and, most importantly, streak-free! Learn how to deep clean laminate floors without streaks below!

Safety First! Products to Avoid

When deep cleaning your floors, it’s tempting to use trusted products that work great in other areas of your home but aren't safe for flooring. Here are a few to avoid to protect floors.

Remove Loose Dirt, Dust, and Debris First

The first step in deep cleaning is to remove the loose debris. This makes wet mopping and drying much easier and decreases the chances that any streaks will be leftover. You can use a dust mop, broom, or vacuum to get the job done.

We recommend using a microfiber dust mop. Microfibers are extremely small so they're able to pick up tiny dust particles in the cracks and crevices of your floors. It’s also non-abrasive and attracts dust like a magnet instead of pushing it around.

Wet Mopping For A Deeper Clean

Use a microfiber flat mop pad to mop your floor. Not only do microfiber mop pads clean well with just water, they also prevent your floors from getting too wet which can cause streaks. Microfiber mops don’t even require a bucket to get the job done, and are easy to rinse and wring out in the sink. This makes it easy to avoid using too much water which can end up damaging laminate floors.

Now that you know what kind of mop to use, here are a few more tips to for the best way to deep clean laminate floors!

Choosing The Right Solution - DIY options too!

If you are using a microfiber mop, just cleaning with plain water is a great option most of the time (see why). But if you want to use a floor cleaner, stick with one designed for cleaning laminate floors. As we mentioned above, the most important things to remember are to avoid:

For a natural DIY solution, the most popular is mixing water and vinegar. Keep the solution in a bucket so you can dip your mop, or in a spray bottle. We recommend mixing one cup of vinegar with one gallon of water.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning: Microfiber And Water

Learn why this eco-friendly combo is all you need to complete almost all your cleaning tasks.

Best Practices

You can have the best products, but if you aren’t using them the right way it won’t matter! Microfiber Wholesale's chief cleaning officer, Melissa Homer, says there are a few things you need to remember when mopping your floors.

        1. Easy on the soap! Too much soap leaves a residue that causes streaks and attracts dirt.
        2. Mop the floor in sections. This helps to ensure you won’t miss a spot.
        3. Rinse or switch out your mop pad frequently, soiled pads do not clean well.

Spot Treating: Really Dirty Areas, Stains, Grease, and Grime

        1. Stuck On Dirt and Scuff Marks: Spot treat with a damp microfiber towel or use a microfiber scrubber mop pad.
        2. Grease and Paint: If you're unable to wipe it up right away, use a rubber scraper or plastic putty knife after it hardens.

Drying Without Leaving Streaks

After you’ve wet mopped your floors, go over the mopped area with a dry microfiber wet mop pad or cloth (yes I know that sounds like an oxymoron). The microfiber wet mop pad will remove any lingering streaks.

The most important thing to remember is to not let water sit on your floors for too long! That’s why microfiber is recommended to use over alternatives like cotton. Microfiber is super absorbent, picking up water instead of pushing it around. They are the perfect product to leave your laminate floor streak free!

Maintaining and protecting your laminate floors

Now that you know how to deep clean your laminate floors, here’s how to keep them from getting dirty!

          1. Utilize entrance mats to prevent excess dirt and dust from being tracked in.
          2. Place rugs around your home so excess dust and dirt doesn’t accumulate on your floors.
          3. Place felt protectors on the bottom of your furniture to ensure your floors don’t get scratched.
          4. No shoes in the house!
          5. Trim your pet's nails.

Frequent dust mopping is just as easy! It’s less energy than sweeping and doesn't require heavy equipment like a vacuum. Try our Microfiber Mop System, for both wet and dust mopping (learn more below).

Best Laminate Floor Mop

If you need a mop for your laminate floors, try out our Microfiber Mop System. It’s great for everything we’ve covered so far:

          • Picking up loose dust and dirt
          • Deep cleaning with just water
          • Drying your floors streak free
          • Easy to use for daily maintenance.

Check it out below!

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